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Photo of CEREC crownsDr. Victor R. Siegel uses advanced CEREC® technology to provide our patients the convenient option of receiving same-day dental restorations. When patients visit our Rockville, MD, dental office for dental work, we can provide lifelike restorations without the need for temporaries and multiple procedures. Previously, patients typically had to wait two weeks or more in between appointments to get a simple dental crown. Now Dr. Siegel can design and place dental crowns, inlays, and onlays all in a single appointment. 

What is CEREC?

CEREC, or chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics, is a state-of-the-art system that creates your restorations within our office. This technology allows us to take highly detailed impressions, design, and create restoration all during one appointment. CEREC uses computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to deliver custom, lifelike restorations that can last for years.

How Does it Work?

During treatment, Dr. Siegel and our team will first prepare your tooth, removing any damaged tissue and creating a stable base for your restoration. Once your tooth is ready, we will use a handheld device to take highly accurate, digital scans, eliminating the need for uncomfortable, gooey impressions of the past. These digital images are then uploaded to CEREC software as a 3-D image.

Using the images, Dr. Siegel will use the software to design the custom restoration on the computer monitor. He can explain the process to ensure you understand all aspects of your care. Once he finalizes the design, it is sent to our in-office milling machine. This machine carves the restoration out of a solid block of ceramic in an hour or less. Once complete, Dr. Siegel will ensure the restoration fits properly and meets your expectations before securely bonding it in place.

Which Procedures Use CEREC Technology?

Dr. Siegel uses our CEREC technology as much as possible for restorative procedures, enhancing patient convenience while rebuilding oral structure and health. The most popular use of CEREC technology is for the creation of custom dental crowns. A dental crown can repair a tooth that has suffered structural damage or decay, and improve the aesthetics of severely worn or stained teeth.

The prime advantage of CEREC technology is less time in the dentist’s chair. The milling process takes less than an hour to complete.

We can also use CEREC to create custom inlays or onlays. These restorations are used when fillings are inadequate to repair the tooth, but a crown is unnecessary. Inlays repair the chewing surfaces of the tooth, while onlays can also repair the cusps. The visibility of these restorations makes tooth-colored ceramic ideal.

Advantages of Same-Day Restorations

The prime advantage of CEREC technology is less time in the dentist’s chair. The milling process takes less than an hour to complete. Additional appointments are not needed, and there is no waiting period in between. You will not need to wear temporary restorations and undergo multiple procedures.

With CEREC, Dr. Siegel can also provide patients with completely custom restorations for a more accurate, comfortable fit. CEREC restorations fit perfectly into your bite and smile with no discomfort. These materials are also expertly matched to the surrounding teeth for a natural look.

Eliminate Waiting Periods

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