An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure. - Henry de Bracton By SEO Admin on November 26, 2008

In celebration of the upcoming holidays, the folks on Dr. Siegel's staff would like to offer some common sense tips that may help you save time, energy and possible grief in your impending travels... and some are just plain for fun. Remember when shopping, never ever leave the following out in easily accessible view in your vehicle:purses, wallets or change purses, shopping bags, whether filled with new purchases or junk you simply stashed away in a store bag for later disposal (they all look the same to a thief), mail that reveals your name and address and finally, mobile electronics such as cell phones, iPods or mp3 players. Basically be aware of anything visible of value and stow them away in your trunk, if you must travel with them. Broken into car Along the same lines of the above food for thought, be aware of who is around when you place your valuables in your trunk. Thieves are always on the watch for people doing this. Instead of putting your signature on the back of your credit cards, as the cards instruct, write 'check identification.' Antibacterial hand soap is no better at fighting germs and bacteria then regular soap and warm water. Like your antibacterial soap, regular Advil and the like, usually has the same ingredients as "migraine strength' and the like. Check your labels before paying for the extra added prescription strength' dosages. Generic brandanti-acids have the same ingredients as their expensive counter-parts with a recognizable name (brand). Again, check your labels, to save a buck or two.old style gas pump Do not get in your car while pumping your gas, as your clothing rubbing on the car seat can increase the possibility of a spark igniting when you touch either the fuel or pump. Static electricity can cause fires at gas stations. Take a moment to read the posted warnings at the pumps. Also, if gas pump DOES ignite while stuck in your tank, DO NOT attempt to remove it. Instead, leave it pumping and run away from it fast. Be aware, when you hand your car over to a valet parking attendant, REMOVE your car's registration. If the valet is shifty, he can note your address and tip off someone to burglarize your home. Remember, he knows that you are not there and additionally can make an educated guess when you might be returning. From all of us at Dr. Siegel's Office of Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we wish you and your family a healthy and happy Thanksgiving Day!

Be safe!


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