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Rockville Dentist: Why You May Be Tired in the Morning


Most people are aware of the importance of getting enough sleep each night.  But did you know that the quality of your sleep can affect…

Posted by dlmerulla on May 19, 2013

Rockville Dentist Offers Celebrity Smiles


Have you always assumed that a celebrity’s natural talent also came with naturally perfect teeth?  Not necessarily.  This is one area in which they are…

Posted by dlmerulla on Apr 03, 2013

Rockville Dentist Offers Childrens Dental Health Tips


Being proactive in your child’s dental health will be the key to your child growing into a healthy, adult smile according to Dr. Victor Siegel,…

Posted by dlmerulla on Feb 23, 2013

Rockville Dentist Can Help You Wake Up to A New Smile


Do you avoid going to the dentist out of fear, or maybe even just time constraints?  Dr. Victor R. Siegel in Rockville, Maryland has the…

Posted by dlmerulla on Feb 08, 2013

Win Teeth Whitening From Rockville Dentist


Your Valentine’s Day would not be complete without a beautiful smile for your sweetheart.  This year, your Rockville dentist, Victor R. Siegel, is inviting you…

Posted by dlmerulla on Jan 19, 2013

Rockville Dentist Warns Patients "Flu Affects Teeth Too"


The newspaper headlines have already begun to warn us of the impending flu season-maybe the “worst in a decade” according to local newspapers.  Doctors are…

Posted by dlmerulla on Jan 10, 2013

Rockville Dentist Recommends Tooth Colored Fillings


Are you afraid to smile or laugh because of dark colored fillings in your mouth?  Dr. Victor Siegel in Rockville, Maryland offers tooth colored fillings…

Posted by dlmerulla on Dec 20, 2012

Rockville Dentist Reminds Patients To Use Insurance Benefits


Now that Thanksgiving is a memory until next year, most of us are channeling our energy into preparations for the next holiday.  Your Rockville dentist,…

Posted by dlmerulla on Nov 29, 2012

Rockville Dentist Makes Facebook Promise

One of the goals of Rockville dentist Victor R. Siegel is to establish and maintain relationships with his patients.  Facebook allows our practice to enhance…

Posted by dlmerulla on Nov 16, 2012

Rockville Dentist Speaks to Pre-Dental Students

Pre-Dental students at Georgetown University get the opportunity to ask Rockville cosmetic dentist Victor R. Siegel, DDS questions regarding career opportunities and other aspects regarding…

Posted by Victor Siegel on Sep 21, 2012

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