Rockville Dentist Offers Celebrity Smiles By dlmerulla on April 03, 2013


Have you always assumed that a celebrity’s natural talent also came with naturally perfect teeth?  Not necessarily.  This is one area in which they are just like one of us.  Although veneers and whitening are many times used to enhance a star’s smile, another recent trend for improving their teeth is braces, such as Inivisalign, as offered by Rockville dentist Victor Siegel.

The most recent example is singer Faith Hill, who showed up at the recent Grammy Awards sporting a mouthful of clear braces.  Like many adults, she had braces as a child but did not wear her retainer and her teeth began to shift.  When this happens, it can lead to cavities as formerly straight teeth are much harder to clean.  When your teeth are no longer straight, the result is of course, the obvious-your smile no longer is as brilliant and as confident!

There are a number of reasons that adults will begin wearing braces.  Some may even be wearing them for the first time-maybe it was too costly for the family during your childhood, or maybe your teeth did not begin to shift until you became an adult.  Like Faith Hill, and many other adults, perhaps you just didn’t wear your retainer (too little or not at all!), and now it’s time for orthodontics, round two!  Regardless of the reason, it’s never too late to smile again.

Braces have more purposes than to just make your smile beautiful.  They can rectify chewing problems, correct a painful bite, fix speech problems, close spaces and ease crowding in your mouth.

Many adults today choose to wear invisible orthodontic aligners, such as Invisalign, as offered by Dr. Siegel, because they offer many advantages over traditional braces.  There is no need to worry about food getting stuck in your braces, as the aligners are removed while eating. 

Although the aligner should be worn all the time except when eating or brushing, if a special occasion calls for it, the aligner can be easily removed for a brief period of time.  This can be an advantage in the life of anyone who may want to take a special family picture, or may need to give an important speech for work and feels self-conscious with the aligners.  For an actor or singer, the flexibility of being able to remove the aligners could enhance his or her performance. Entertainer Justin Bieber chose Invisalign for his orthodontic treatment.  Note on the picture below how difficult it is to even tell that he is straightening his teeth!

Call Dr. Siegel today in our Rockville office to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign treatment and you too could be on your way to a healthier, radiant smile!

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