Quickly Restore Damaged Teeth with CEREC Same Day Crowns By Victor Siegel on June 03, 2014

A woman with a healthy, beautiful smileAlthough most people realize the importance of keeping the teeth strong and healthy, finding time in one’s busy schedule to take care of necessary dental work can be difficult. Dr. Victor R. Siegel strives to keep dental care convenient for patients by offering effective treatments that are quick, easy, and comfortable for patients. For our patients in Rockville, CEREC dental crowns can restore teeth that have been compromised by damage or decay in just a single dental appointment. This allows patients to benefit from the restorative health and aesthetic advantages of dental crown treatment without having to squeeze in multiple dental appointments, which is the case at many other dental offices.

Candidates for Same Day Crowns

CEREC same day crowns restore teeth that have suffered injury, those with significant tooth decay, those with severe cosmetic blemishes, or those that have weakened as a result of excessive wear and tear. Just as with traditional crowns, CEREC same day restorations are ideal for any patient who is looking to restore strength, function, and beauty to the teeth while preserving any remaining healthy tooth enamel. Dental crowns are an effective restorative treatment that can prevent further damage and the need for more invasive dental procedures. CEREC same day crowns offer patients the same restorative benefits as traditional crowns but in just a single appointment, whereas traditional crowns require a minimum of two dental appointments, often scheduled several weeks apart. Because of this, CEREC same day crowns are perfect for patients who are looking for a quick dental treatment that allows them more time to focus on work, family, or other activities.

The Procedure

CEREC same day crown treatment begins with the preparation of the damaged tooth. Any enamel that has been compromised in health or aesthetics will be removed and the tooth will be filed down and reshaped. Next, using the state-of-the-art technology of our CAD/CAM system, Dr. Siegel will take computer images of the damaged tooth. These optical images are sent to a computer where Dr. Siegel designs a dental crown made to fit the exact specifications of the tooth being treated. Dr. Siegel is able to customize the size and shape of the tooth as well as select a color and translucency for the tooth that will create a natural and seamless fit with the patient’s adjacent teeth. All of these specifications are sent to the in-office milling machine where the dental crown will be fabricated while the patient waits. This final restoration will then be bonded to the tooth in order to add strength and protection.


The benefits of CEREC same day crowns are numerous. Patients are able to eliminate the pain or discomfort of a weak and/or damaged tooth, restore oral functions, protect the center of the tooth from bacteria, and improve the aesthetics of the smile. All of these benefits can be obtained from a single dental treatment that is completed from start to finish in just a single dental appointment.

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If you are looking for effective dental care that combines experience, personalized care, and advanced dental technology, you will find what you are looking for with Dr. Victor R. Siegel. We invite you to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to learn more about our comprehensive dental services.

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