The Benefits of Dental Care for Pregnant Women By dlmerulla on February 04, 2015

Pregnant female caressing her bellyHigh quality dental care is something that should be a part of every patient’s health routine. Good oral health not only helps you maintain a beautiful, strong smile, but can also be beneficial to a patient’s overall health. Throughout the different stages of a person’s life, dental care should always be considered a priority, including during a woman’ pregnancy. Pregnancy is not an excuse to defer regular dental care. In fact, during this time general dentistry services to maintain good oral health and prevent infections and other dental complications may be more important than ever. Studies have shown that good oral health can help to promote a woman’s overall health, as well as a healthy pregnancy. Cosmetic and restorative dentist Victor R. Siegel discusses with his Rockville patients dental care and pregnancy guidelines so that they feel safe and comfortable receiving the dental care they need throughout their pregnancy.

Routine Dental Care

Routine dental care is extremely important at all times, and especially throughout pregnancy when hormone fluctuations may change the way the gums react to bacteria. Women should maintain a regular schedule of twice annual dental exams and cleanings while they are pregnant. This allows our patients to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar, as well as to monitor the teeth and gums for any signs of complication. Many women notice an increase in gum sensitivity (which may include red, swollen, or tender gums) while they are pregnant. It is important to monitor this situation to ensure that the problem does not worsen or require more intensive treatment than a routine dental cleaning. Many studies have suggested that there may be a link between premature birth, low birth weight babies and periodontal disease, so we are dedicated to helping our female patients maintain good oral health throughout pregnancy.

Is Restorative Dental Care Safe During Pregnancy?

Most restorative dental care, which includes dental fillings, root planing and scaling (a common treatment for gum disease), dental crowns treatment, and root canal therapy are safe during pregnancy. As a precaution, it is best to schedule this care during the second trimester of pregnancy whenever possible. However, in the case of a dental emergency, or when oral pain is involved, dental care can be administered at any time throughout pregnancy. As an added precaution, it is best to discuss the use of anesthetic or any medication that may be prescribed in conjunction with dental care with your obstetrician. In order to ensure complete safety of our patients and their growing fetus, we will avoid dental x-rays and any elective cosmetic dental work until after pregnancy is complete.

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