Dental Care to Promote Heart Health By dlmerulla on February 18, 2015

Middle-aged couple with healthy, attractive smilesIt is no secret that regular care from a professional dentist, combined with a regular routine of at-home dental care, is extremely beneficial in preserving the strength, function, and aesthetics of the teeth and gums. Good dental practices are also beneficial to a person’s overall health, and are especially useful in promoting good heart health. General dentistry services that maintain the health of the teeth and gums are also helpful in preventing conditions such as heart disease. Serving patients in Rockville, Dr. Victor R. Siegel understands that dental care and heart health are closely linked, so he offers a comprehensive range of general and restorative dentistry services to ensure that his patients have a strong and healthy smile that will also minimize their risk of heart disease.

Heart Disease and Oral Health

Caring for the teeth and gums to preserve oral health is important enough. In addition, studies show that there is a conclusive link between heart disease and oral health, making quality dental care even more important. Studies show that heart disease and oral health are linked in two ways. First, poor oral health (gum disease, in particular) has been shown to increase a person’s risk of heart disease. Second, poor oral health may be a warning sign that a heart condition is present. For both of these reasons, regularly monitoring oral health through routine dental exams and preserving oral health with general and restorative dental treatments is important to both oral and general health.

Researchers are not sure why oral health and heart health are linked. There are two basic theories. One is that a high level of oral bacteria (such as that which is present in patients suffering from gum disease) can work its way into the blood stream and then lead to clot formations. The second theory is that the inflammation that results from gum disease can lead to clot formations, which can decrease blood flow to the heart. In either case, dental care is beneficial because it can lower the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth and treat condition such as gum disease, thereby eliminating its side effects (which include inflammation).

Preserving Oral Health

There is no question that preserving oral health is beneficial to patients in many ways. To ensure that the teeth and gums are strong and healthy, and to, therefore, minimize the risk of heart disease, patients should incorporate the following practices into their routines:

  • Schedule bi-annual dental exams and cleanings
  • Brush at least twice daily, and preferably after every meal
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Drink lots of water
  • Schedule a dental appointment at the first sign of any dental complications

Schedule an Appointment

With an extensive educational background and decades of dental experience, Dr. Victor R. Siegel is a skilled cosmetic dentist. If you want to ensure that your teeth and gums are being cared for by an expert in dental care, schedule an appointment with Dr. Siegel at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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