Protect the Teeth from the Damage of Teeth Grinding By Victor Siegel on October 06, 2015

Custom mouth guardOral hygiene and professional general dentistry services to monitor and preserve oral health are extremely beneficial to the strength and structure of the teeth and gums. However, all of that hard work can be for naught if a patient practices harmful dental habits. One of the most common, and also one of the most damaging of these bad dental habits, is teeth grinding. Unfortunately, teeth grinding is primarily an unconscious habit, so most people do not realize they are doing it until damage has already occurred. When teeth grinding is diagnosed, Dr. Victor R. Siegel can help patients understand the common causes of this condition, and discuss the teeth grinding treatments available at his Rockville practice.

Teeth Grinding Causes

Teeth grinding, along with the habit of clenching the jaw, can sometimes be a sign of stress or anxiety. When people are feeling anxious, they may react by tightening the jaw and rubbing their teeth together. However, in most cases, teeth grinding takes place while a patient sleeps and is more likely to be caused by a dental condition than by emotional stress. Below are some oral conditions that may cause a patient to grind his or her teeth:

  • Misalignment of the jaw
  • TMJ disorder
  • Crooked teeth
  • Missing teeth

Teeth Grinding Treatments

Teeth grinding is often caught after signs of damage develop on the teeth. Therefore, to adequately treat this condition, Dr. Siegel must approach it from two standpoints. Teeth grinding treatment will involve preventing the habit from occurring in the future, as well as repairing any damage that has already occurred. Below are some ways in which Dr. Siegel may help patients to preserve and restore teeth affected by teeth grinding:

  • Preservation: To preserve the health and strength of the teeth, it is important to prevent grinding from continuing to damage them. First, Dr. Siegel will try to determine why a patient is grinding his or her teeth to begin with. If teeth grinding is a result of poorly aligned or missing teeth, these problems must be corrected with orthodontic or restorative treatment. Second, no matter the cause of teeth grinding, Dr. Siegel is likely to recommend the use of a custom mouth guard. This device can be worn at night as an added precaution to protect the teeth and ensure that they cannot rub against each other and cause damage.
  • Restoration: It is not enough to stop teeth grinding from occurring. Any damage that has already developed must be repaired or the health and strength of the teeth will continue to decline. Dr. Siegel offers a number of restorative dentistry treatments including fillings, crowns, and dental implants that can address any degree of damage, from tooth decay to tooth loss.

By restoring damaged teeth and offering preventative treatments for teeth grinding, Dr. Siegel can provide patients with comprehensive teeth grinding treatment that will help them to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

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Dr. Victor R. Siegel offers a full range of dental services that will allow you and your family to preserve oral health while maintaining the beauty of your smiles. If you have questions about our teeth grinding treatment, or would like to learn more about our dental services, schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Dr. Siegel looks forward to meeting you.

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