Cast Gold Fillings vs. Tooth-colored Fillings By dlmerulla on March 08, 2016

Close-up of a patient’s bright smile after the placement of tooth-colored fillingsAt the cosmetic and general dentistry practice of Dr. Victor R. Siegel, we offer a full range of treatment options designed to fill virtually every dental need a person could possibly have. For example, while many dental practices have eliminated gold dental fillings from their menu of treatment options in favor of tooth-colored fillings, we gladly offer our patients a choice between the two. Both cast gold fillings and tooth-colored fillings offer unique benefits, and we do not feel that patients should be limited in their options.

Dr. Siegel discusses the issue of cast gold fillings vs. tooth-colored fillings during consultations at his Rockville, MD cosmetic and general dentistry practice so that patients can make confident, informed decisions about how to proceed with treatment. If you would like to learn more about the dental fillings available at our practice, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Victor R. Siegel today.

How Do Cast Gold Fillings Compare to Tooth-colored Fillings?

First, let’s acknowledge one important point: compared to silver amalgam fillings, both cast gold fillings and tooth-colored fillings offer numerous benefits, some of which overlap. Compared to silver amalgam fillings, both cast gold fillings and tooth-colored fillings:

  • Are mercury free
  • Do not discolor the tooth
  • Are less prone to expansion and contraction with changes in temperature

How, then, do cast gold fillings compare to their tooth-colored counterparts?

If aesthetics are your primary concern, then tooth-colored fillings will probably be your restoration of choice. While may patients find gold fillings to be cosmetically appealing, particularly compared to silver amalgam fillings, they cannot compete with tooth-colored fillings in terms of the ability of the latter to blend inconspicuously into the smile. The composite resin material used in tooth-colored fillings is also less expensive than gold, making tooth-colored fillings a less expensive treatment option overall, at least in terms of its initial cost.

However, cast gold fillings may provide the better bargain in terms of its long-term cost-effectiveness. While the longevity of any restoration depends on many factors, including how well the patient cares for his or her teeth after the placement of the restoration, many cast gold fillings have been known to last for several decades, something that would almost certainly not occur with even the highest-quality tooth-colored filling. In addition, cast gold fillings:

  • Are highly unlikely to break or fracture
  • Are extremely smooth and therefore less likely to accumulate plaque
  • Do not oxidize or corrode in the mouth
  • Do not erode over time
  • Protect the enamel along the margins of the fillings
  • Cause no damage to the periodontal tissues
  • Are exceptionally strong and durable
  • Do not cause wear and tear to the opposing teeth (i.e., the teeth in the arch facing the restored teeth)

Ultimately, if a completely natural appearance and cost are not primary factors in a patient’s decision, gold is an outstanding choice for filling material.

Learn More about Cast Gold Fillings vs. Tooth-colored Fillings

To learn more about cast gold fillings vs. tooth-colored fillings, please contact the restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry practice of Dr. Victor R. Siegel today.

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