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Feb 17, 2010 — by SEO Admin
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Going to the dentist is never high on anyones to-do listbut it is one of lifes necessitiesespecially if youve experienced a broken tooth or filling. The usual protocol used to be.get an evaluation, return for a crown prep, have a gooey impression taken and then have a temporary made. Then you wait a week or two for the lab to make your crown, return to the office to have the temporary removed and the final crown delivered. The best case scenario would be a total of three visitsbut more often than not, the temporary would pop off or break and youd be back in dental chair having another temporary made, keeping your fingers crossed that this one holds strong. So this time you take the necessary measures to eliminate another visit back to the dentist by eating only soft foods and chewing on the other side of your mouth. Read More

Not All Doctors Are Created Equal

If you've ever had a marginal experience with a medical professional, you're probably well aware that not all physicians and their respective office experiences are identical across the board. As doctors are human too, often a compatible personality, along with a high level of expertise, can sometimes make all the difference in the world tothe patient. Here are some interesting facts to note that you may have been unaware of. Why choose Doc Siegel?Dr. Victor R. Siegel Victor Siegel has been practicing Dentistry for over 30 years locally in the Rockville area. He received his Dental degree from renowned Georgetown University and was both a student and well-respected, beloved instructor there as well. Many local dentists have been

New Patient Experience

Jul 3, 2007 — by SEO Admin
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Something that separates us from most other dental practices is the new patient experience. Most people expect that their first visit at a new dental office will be with the dental hygienist getting their teeth "cleaned" and maybe they'll have a five to ten minute face-to-face meeting with the dentist. Not so at our Bethesda, Potomac and Rockville area dental office! Would you expect to walk into a general surgeon's office and have the doctor begin a procedure on you without doing a thorough exam and becoming completely familiar with your condition? Of course not! The first appointment for new patients at the office of

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