Lifelike Tooth-colored Fillings Are Far Superior to Amalgam Restorations

If you have a cavity, a filling can restore the form of your tooth and protect your smile from future decay. Dr. Victor R. Siegel and his team proudly offer tooth-colored fillings at their Rockville, MD, practice. With these restorations, we can provide a strong and realistic restoration after dental decay. Your filling will blend naturally with your smile. In many cases, your restoration will also restore your dental function more effectively than a traditional metal restoration.

Photo of a tooth restored with a tooth-colored filling
Composite fillings are virtually undetectable after placement.

Are You a Candidate?

Typically, you will be a candidate for tooth-colored fillings if you have a small- to medium-sized cavity. Larger cavities will most likely require a more extensive restoration, such as an inlay, onlay, or dental crown. Our team will take digital x-rays of your tooth to determine the extent of your decay. With these scans, Dr. Siegel can decide whether a filling is the most appropriate treatment option to restore your oral health. In some cases, Dr. Siegel may recommend a gold filling. These stronger restorations may be appropriate if you have a cavity on a molar.

How Do We Place Tooth-colored Fillings?

Before placing your filling, Dr. Siegel will need to prepare your tooth for treatment. He will administer local anesthesia in advance. We can also provide sedation if you are feeling particularly nervous about the procedure. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Siegel will gently remove all bacteria and decayed tissue. He will also conservatively sculpt the inside of your tooth, creating a stable base for your restoration.

Your filling will be made from a specialized composite resin. This material is matched to the shade of your smile and applied in layers. Dr. Siegel will place the liquid material directly inside your tooth. He will then use a special curing light to harden the composite. Dr. Siegel will ensure your restoration matches your bite, and will polish it so that it blends better with your natural tooth.

With composite fillings, Dr. Siegel will need to remove less tissue when preparing your tooth.

The Benefits of Composite Resin

The composite resin used for tooth-colored fillings provides a number of benefits that make these restorations superior to older, amalgam fillings. The resin material will blend with your smile. In contrast, metal can show through your tooth, giving it a dark, grey shade. Composite resin will also bond directly to your tooth. This bond provides additional strength, not available with traditional metal fillings.

Amalgam fillings were held in by the shape of the tooth, requiring that more structure was removed to provide an angle to support the metal. This alteration often further weakened the damaged tooth. With composite fillings, Dr. Siegel will need to remove less tissue when preparing your tooth. In addition, silver amalgam fillings expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. Over time, these constant variations can weaken and crack your teeth. Composite resin, in contrast, is incredibly stable and will not change shape.

Strengthen Weakened, Damaged Teeth

Tooth-colored fillings offer cosmetic and functional benefits, and are more affordable than gold fillings. Dr. Siegel will discuss your treatment goals, budget, and financing options before placing your filling. He can help you choose the right type of restoration for you. Contact us to learn more about our fillings and to renew your smile with a lifelike restoration.

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