Implant-Supported Bridges for Enhanced Oral Health & Aesthetics

Missing teeth can significantly affect your oral health and facial appearance. Traditionally, two or more consecutive missing teeth were replaced with traditional dental bridges anchored to natural teeth. Advances in modern dentistry now allow for implant-supported bridges.

Attached to dental implants, these dental bridges boast improved durability, stability, and jawbone health over traditional bridges. Dr. Victor Siegel uses advanced cone beam technology at his Rockville, MD, practice to create accurate 3-D renderings of your mouth, allowing for precise surgical treatments and improved patient comfort.

Placing Implant-Supported Bridges

Receiving an implant-supported bridge begins with a consultation at Dr. Siegel's office. During this meeting, he will conduct a thorough oral evaluation to determine your candidacy for treatment. Patients who are missing two or more consecutive teeth but who have enough jawbone density to support implants typically qualify. Patients who lack the bone to anchor an implant can boost their candidacy with a bone graft or sinus lift.

Taking a Closer Look
at the Surgery

After your implants are placed in the jaw, we can attach your permanent bridge with several abutments. 

To prepare for your implant placement or preparatory procedure, our team will take a dental CT scan of your oral structure. These panoramic, 3-D images are extremely detailed and guide surgical placement of the implant posts. This approach to implant placement reduces error and supports a more comfortable experience with faster recovery.

On the day of your placement, we will provide a local anesthetic and, if necessary, oral sedation to ensure you remain comfortable during your appointment. After you are prepared, Dr. Siegel will make small incisions in your gums and jawbone. The dental implants are then threaded through these holes. Once the incisions are closed back up again, we may attach a temporary bridge to the implants while your jawbone heals.

Osseointegration & Permanent Bridge Placement

Over the next six months, your implant will merge with the adjacent bone through a process called osseointegration. Once the implants have completely fused with the bone, we can schedule a second appointment to place your permanent restoration. During this visit, Dr. Siegel will ensure that your bridge matches your surrounding teeth in shade and shape. He will also evaluate your bite pattern to ensure the most comfortable fit possible.

A dental implant can preserve healthy jawbone and a youthful facial appearance.

The Benefits of Implant-Retained Bridges

As a more stable alternative to traditional bridges, implant-supported options at our Rockville dental office can:

  • Provide decades of support for your bridge
  • Eliminate the need to alter the structure of adjacent teeth
  • Ensure an easy at-home hygiene routine
  • Halt jawbone loss
  • Prevent puckered lips, collapsed cheeks, and other visible signs of tooth loss

The osseointegration process is key to many of these benefits. In fusing with the jawbone, the implant post essentially performs the function of a tooth root. By stimulating the jawbone, implants can stop the jawbone deterioration that accompanies tooth loss.

As the jawbone breaks down, facial appearance eventually changes. The cheeks may become concave, the jawline weaken, and the lips pucker. A dental implant can therefore preserve healthy jawbone and a youthful facial appearance.

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