How Long Will My Invisalign Treatment Last?

Invisalign treatment can offer drastic cosmetic results along a predictable timeline. After assessing your needs and goals at our Rockville, MD, dental practice, Dr. Victor Siegel can more accurately tell you what your unique Invisalign timeline will be. The average length of treatment for this discreet orthodontic treatment is 12 to 18 months, but actual lengths vary from patient to patient. An Invisalign Preferred Provider backed by over 30 years of experience, Dr. Siegel can outline a treatment plan that is efficient and maximizes your results. 

Factors That Affect Your Treatment Timeline

The number of clear aligner trays that you receive will be based on factors that are unique to your orthodontic needs. The three most significant considerations that will determine the total length of your treatment are:

  • The Complexity of Your Case: If you have mild misalignment issues, you can expect a relatively shorter treatment timeline.
  • Your Age: Treatment timelines can vary widely among teenagers because their jaws are still forming while adults can enjoy more predictable treatment timelines. Teenagers' teeth also generally move more quickly.
  • Preliminary Care: Your orthodontic treatment may also be delayed if you have untreated tooth decay, gum disease, or dental fillings that require replacement. As a general rule, you will need to be in good oral health before Dr. Siegel will recommend Invisalign treatments.

The average length of treatment for this discreet orthodontic treatment is 12 to 18 months, but actual lengths vary from patient to patient.

Consultation & the First Few Weeks

Once Dr. Siegel has determined that you are a candidate for Invisalign treatment, x-rays and digital impressions of your teeth will be taken. Those images will be used to make your custom Invisalign trays. A few weeks after your initial visit, your clear braces will arrive at our Rockville dental practice

Smiling teenage Invisalign patient

Teenagers' treatment is often quicker because their jaws are still growing and their teeth can be aligned more easily.

Dr. Siegel will oversee the placement of your first aligner tray. After he has ensured that the tray fits snugly, you will be given detailed directions on how to clean and maintain your Invisalign trays.

Beginning Treatment

Each tray must be worn for 20 to 22 hours per day. Not wearing your aligners as required can lengthen your Invisalign timeline or cause the treatments to be uncomfortable. Dr. Siegel will inform you how many weeks your trays should be worn before they are changed. Because each aligner tray is slightly straighter than the previous tray, each set may be accompanied by the sensation of pressure on certain teeth.

Periodic Check-Ups

Regular visits to our Rockville dental practice will be scheduled so Dr. Siegel can ensure that your treatment is moving smoothly. These visits may include a minimally invasive procedure called interproximal reduction that creates space for tooth movement. Dr. Siegel may also place tooth-colored buttons on specific teeth depending on your orthodontic needs.

Achieving Your Final Results

After 12 to 18 months, your Invisalign treatment will typically be completed. Dr. Siegel will ensure that you are completely satisfied with your cosmetic results before he manufactures a custom retainer that should be worn at night.

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