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Clear aligners help patients achieve a perfectly aligned bite without brackets and wires. Instead, Dr. Victor Siegel uses a sequence of plastic trays, attachments, and buttons to correct crowded, overlapping, and gapped teeth. Clean aligner therapy can also alleviate jaw pain caused by dental misalignment.

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So clear aligner therapy is where we replace traditional braces, brackets and wires, with clear aligner trays to help align the teeth. So an ideal candidate for clear aligner therapy is someone who may want to align the front teeth, or maybe there's some overlapping, maybe there's some crowding, they're getting food stuck, and staining. Other candidates may need their bite adjusted. They might be having some jaw pain, getting headaches, so they need to have their teeth aligned properly so that their teeth come together in the way they're meant to, to alleviate the jaw muscles. So clear aligner therapy is different than traditional braces because we're not using any wires and brackets. There's nothing cemented onto the teeth in that way. We use attachments and buttons with plastic material that matches your tooth color for the clear aligner tray to lock into. And you go through a sequence of trays in order to move the teeth. It's a lot healthier for the gingiva. Patients can take care of their teeth at home much better. And, typically, patients see much quicker and better results. So, in order to get started with the clear aligner therapy, you come in, we take a digital impression, and a couple of X-rays, some photos. We send that out to our companies, and they'll send us back a series and sequence of trays that you'll go through every couple of weeks. So clear aligner therapy is fantastic for patients who want to tweak their smile a little bit, who have some parafunctional habits that they need to be addressed. Patients that have used it are very happy with their results. They like the flexibility of taking them in and out when they need to. Patients' gum health is much better because they're able to clean more efficiently at home. And really, the treatment is in the patient's hands. When they're compliant, they can have really, really, really great results.

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