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Dental Implant Cost

Dental implants require a custom treatment plan to address your unique oral health needs. As a result, the cost of treatment will vary.

Drs. Victor R. Siegel and Aviva Kramer offer guided dental implant surgery starting at just $2,200 and financing to help cover your costs.

Find out what factors impact your dental implant cost at our Rockville, MD, practice and why treatment is worth the investment.

Your Treatment Costs Broken Down Into 4 Main Elements

Number 1

Implant Surgery

All patients will need to undergo a procedure to place their dental implants. Our practice uses CEREC® technology and 3D computed tomography scans to create surgical guides that improve the quality and precision of treatment. This state-of-the-art guided implant surgery starts at $2,2000.

Number 2

Number of Implants

In general, the more missing teeth you have, the more implants you will need to support your restoration. One missing tooth will require one implant and abutment, while a full mouth reconstruction may require six to eight implant posts and abutments per arch. 

Number 3

Dental Restoration

The dental prosthetic that restores your missing teeth can range in price depending on complexity. A simple single-tooth restoration costs around $4,950 and increases for larger bridges and dentures.

Number 4

Additional Care

Sometimes preliminary treatments are necessary for you to qualify for dental implants. Drs. Siegel and Kramer offer all kinds of preparatory procedures, including sinus lifts, bone grafting, tooth extractions, and periodontal therapy to restore your candidacy. While these procedures add to your total costs, they are fundamental to the success of your treatment.

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To find out how much dental implants will cost you, please schedule a consultation at our Rockville, MD, practice. You can make an appointment online or by calling: (301) 963-4330

"I Appreciate the Attention to Details."

"Being a dentist myself, it is extremely difficult to find a dentist that I can trust. I’m confident in saying that Dr. Siegel is the best dentist that has treated me. He is a perfectionist and I appreciate the attention to details!" Sami Abu Al Huda

Traditional vs. Implant-Supported Restorations Cost Comparison

While the average cost of dental implants is more than traditional restorations, it is important to consider the value of each option. Take a look at a side-by-side comparison between a traditional and implant-supported restoration for a single missing tooth.

3-Unit Dental Bridge

  • $4,500
  • Replaces a single tooth 
  • Requires alterations to adjacent natural teeth
  • Restores crown (the visible portion of the tooth above the gumline) 
  • Prevents surrounding teeth from shifting out of place

Implant-Supported Crown

  • $4,950
  • Replaces a single tooth
  • Stands alone and does not require alterations to adjacent natural teeth
  • Restores underlying tooth root and tooth crown
  • Prevents surrounding teeth from shifting out of place, jawbone atrophy, gum recession, and further tooth loss

Is Treatment Covered By Insurance?

While the number of insurance companies offering coverage for implants is increasing, most plans do not pay for the entire cost of treatment. However, your dental insurance may cover your implant-supported restoration, the same as it would a traditional crown or denture. Our Rockville team will be happy to look into the specific terms of your plan and work directly with your insurance company to maximize your benefits. 

Flexible Financing

If you have concerns about your out-of-pocket expenses, consider flexible financing. CareCredit® is a trusted third-party financing company that offers low- to no-interest plans on health care procedures. You can learn more about CareCredit and other financing options by scheduling a consultation at our Rockville practice.

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Comfort is one of our top priorities, so we offer sedation dentistry to help patients feel relaxed during their treatments. To schedule an appointment at our Rockville, MD, officecontact us online or call (301) 963-4330 today.

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