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In this dental testimonial, Bruce describes his experience with Dr. Victor Siegel. He describes our team as very professional. He recommends Dr. Siegel and his team because they treat him like family.

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My name is Bruce Negrin and I'm a patient of Dr. Victor Siegel. My first visit to Dr. Siegel's office was based on a situation where I moved to the area about eight years ago. So I was new to the area and I didn't have a dentist. I've heard a lot about Dr. Siegel, just some scuttlebutt off the street kind of stuff, and I actually played hockey with him. So I arranged an appointment and I came in, I said, "Give it a shot. Why not? He's a free . . . I know him, let's see what can happen here." So we came into the dentist's office and that was reason why the first appointment was set up. What made me comfortable, you know, it was a trial and error with dentists and doctors, but I came in here for the first appointment and from the moment I was walked in, between the staff and the doctor, it felt like home because the key thing was they didn't try to sell me anything. They took a look at my teeth, they did all the stuff that dentists are supposed to do. There was no surprises. They didn't tell me I had 15 cavities, they didn't tell me that everything was perfect either, but so I trusted them and it was a real answer, and that right off the bat, from there, I was like, "This is where I want to be." The results are . . . they speak for themselves. My teeth are healthy. Everything is done very well. They give me advice each time I come, and there have been a couple things where I've been a teeth grinder before, so I got a mouthpiece. But again, nothing was pushed on me. It was like, "Bruce, do it at your time. We're telling you that this is what's going to happen," but they let me make my own decision. What impressed me the most about this office is that they're very professional. You know, first and foremost, this is a medical office and dentistry is important. But number two is that they make you feel welcome. You come in the door, you know everybody, the staff's been here a long time, and they treat you as a person instead of a number. What I have to say to the doctor and the team is just thank you because as I'm getting older, there's some things that are shifting in your mouth, just dentistry is happening. My biggest fear is coming in here and them saying to me that I'm not doing my job, in terms of brushing my teeth or so, but it doesn't work out that they would give me all the advice. And every time I get a chance, I recommend Dr. Siegel and this office because I say he just . . . there's no pressure, as I mentioned. And on top of that, I just think that everybody here gets the job done and treats you like a family, much more so than a factory.

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