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At the office of Dr. Victor Siegel, we offer three types of teeth whitening: at-home whitening, in-office whitening, and a combination of those two treatments. Each type of whitening offers different results, but patients are sure to be impressed. The effects should last two to three years.

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We offer three types of teeth whitening in our office. The first would be at-home whitening, whereby custom-made bleaching trays are made for the patient. We dispense a bleaching gel to the patient and instruct them how to use it. And the patient places the gel in the bleaching trays at home and wears the tray for about an hour or an hour and a half a day. And over the course of 7 to 10 days, we will notice their teeth becoming whiter, depending on the concentration of the bleach. Another method is in-office whitening, whereby the patient comes into the office, sits in the dental chair, and we do all the work. We isolate the lips, gums, and tongue and apply a bleaching gel to the teeth, expose it to a cool white light, and that initiates the bleaching process. And then we offer a third method and that is a combination of the first two for those cases that want to achieve the maximum white that their teeth will get. We do both the at-home whitening and the in-office whitening for a combined effect. An in-office whitening treatment takes about two hours in our office from start to finish because we apply the bleach multiple times. And a patient can expect that the whitening effect can last two to three years. And now that's going to vary depending on, again, the patient's diet and whether they're a smoker, and whether they drink a lot of dark-colored wines. When we do an in-office whitening procedure, the feedback we get is wow. What we do is we take a photograph with a shade tab matched to the patient's original color at the start of the treatment. And we repeat that at the end of the treatment with the shade tab matched to the color to which their teeth whitened. And when we show them those two pictures, the result is wow!

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